About the Museum

The Museum of Sexual History is a free online virtual museum presenting items from the archives of the Center for Sexual Expression and Education, as well as items from private collectors.

The Museum is now open for previews. Use this link now for access.

Our primary goal is to present these items in context, to allow visitors to gain a greater understanding of what these items meant to the people of their time, along with the sexual attitudes and ideas they represented.

The museum is also at the core of our Sexual Heritage Project, working to preserve movies, books, magazines, art, and drawings in digital format to make them available to future generations.  We digitally restore the items in our collection to make them look like they did when they were new.  We are also at work on a project that will scan three dimensional objects, preserving them as 3D objects that can be viewed just like the original, so that they will continue to be viewable even if the original becomes lost or broken. As 3D printing becomes more sophisticated, it will be possible to restore these items to an actual three dimensional form with the high resolution data we preserve.

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